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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

The algorithm looks for upward trending coins and tries to grab the dip. Pretty simple, but it also has everything built in to be automatic such as percent levels for trailing stop loss, minimum profit and more!

What exchange is it for?

This bot currently runs on binance and only trades btc pairs.

How does it do in a bear market?

The bot is designed to only allow the buy signals during favorable conditions.

How much money can I make?

Those using the bot will be capped at a maximum wager amount. Every trade will be for the same amount of base usd/btc set by you but limited to $500 per trade.

How do I use this if I don't even own bitcoin?

Using this is simple just get your phone, id and email ready to sign up and buy bitcoin from or to get your bitcoin and then lastly create a account on binance and transfer the bitcoin there.

Is it safe to use api keys?

It is important to know that api keys should never be set to allow withdrawals. It is also important to make a hobby of always changing your api keys bi-weekly. Doing this will ensure you never have to worry about anyone trying to manipulate your trades in the event that api keys were takens.

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